A home renovation fail in Noblesville, Indiana goes crazy viral.

Last week Ashlin Hadden uploaded a TikTok about her bathroom DIY.  I have to say, the backsplash surrounding the bathtub looks amazing.  But there was one very serious problem.  There was meowing coming from behind the wall.

Hadden told Today.com that she had flown to New York for a business trip while her bathroom was being remodeled,

I’m a single mom, and I love my bath. So I just wanted a new bathtub, like a taller bathtub, so I could get in the bathtub and actually be under the water.

She came home to meowing coming from the walls.  When I first watched Ashlin's viral video I, like many others, thought she was being too hard on the contractor.  Then I watched the video all of the way through to learn this poor little curious cat named Stripes, was trapped between drywall and a bathtub for three days.  As an animal lover that gives me crazy anxiety.  I can not imagine.

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Ashlin's video about Stripes trapped inside her bathroom wall has been viewed over 2.6 million times and shared 22 thousand times in just one week.  It's clear that Hadden had no idea this video would go viral.  Another thing this Indiana single mother didn't expect?  Lots of hate in the comments.  This was her response...

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