There is a LITERAL Hell Cat in Michigan, or there was at least.

Jinx, the black cat, who has amassed over 740,000 followers on Tik Tok, was sworn in as the first-ever (temporary) pet mayor of Hell, Michigan.

I always find it odd when towns do this, but when you see THIS cat... it makes absolute sense for Hell...

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I mean, LOOK at those eyes!!! That cat has seen some "stuff," and survived! What better place to be mayor than Hell, MI.

In reality, though, Jinx is from California, HUGE hit on Tik Tok because of those eyes. Being from Cali, and coming be mayor in Hell, Michigan (both legal states), he'll fit right in, because he looks like he's in outer space right now, ridin' a big high!

He's also not a stranger to running in politics. Jinx's owner made a joke on social media, that he should run for president... so he did, and amassed a TON of political power. As you can guess, he didn't win, but someone mentioned that Hell was looking for a new overlord. It seemed only natural that this demon cat make a bid to rule the kingdom.

He's picking a great time to mayor of Hell, too, because Pepsi chose to debut their new concoction, "MTN Dew Flamin' Hot" in the "hottest" place on earth... Hell, MI.

Jinx was sworn in on Sunday, and ruled over his subjects with an iron paw, but sadly, impeached at midnight, likely due to his obsession with blaring "Cat Scratch Fever" over every loudspeaker in the city.

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