The Midwest has a lot to be embarrassed about with these results.  At least we're not searching for Nickelback concerts, am I right Pennsylvania. used Google Trends ranging from August 2019 to August 2020 to find the most embarrassing yet common search in each state.  Boy are the results eye-opening.  We'll check out each state after we focus on Michigan and our neighbors to the South, Ohio and Indiana.

Michigan is coming off a bit insecure with the following google search, "What am i good at?"

Ohio most embarrassing google trend isn't "can I go to jail for being stupid."  It's actually, "Does my cat love me?"  Wow.

Indiana's most embarrassing google trend doesn't even follow the laws of grammar, "How is baby made?"  It sounds like a caveman is using google.

Here are a few other embarrassing google search trends over the last 12 months that you might fight interesting.

Arizona - Feet Photos
Florida - How to get rid of ghost
Iowa - How to get fired
Mississippi - Is the earth round
New York - Velour tracksuits
West Virginia - why is my poop green

You can see the most embarrassing google search term for all 50 states by clicking here.

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