This building no longer exists but the general consensus is that the area still has it's share of haunts. For over 20 years it was a favorite place for self-proclaimed ghost-hunters, paranormal investigators, trespassers and thrill-seekers to sneak their way into...with some witnessing spooky occurrences and others stating they would never, ever go back again.

The Tuberculosis Sanitarium (a/k/a the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital) sat abandoned for years on a hill overlooking Kalamazoo since 1990. After the closing, people who lived in the neighborhood witnessed the sounds of cries, moans and screams coming from the building during the wee hours of night. Human shadow figures - possibly lost souls who didn't realize they had passed on -  were seen in windows...not just at night but also during the day. 

The spirits of mental patients (whose psychoses left them with tortured minds) were said to roam the halls and grounds and had no qualms about being seen by passersby or thrill-seekers who trespassed into the property. Trespassers and investigators experienced not just fear, but feelings of dread, being watched, spirit energy and a definite unseen presence.

After 21 years of being abandoned and broken into by ghost-hunters, the old hospital was eventually demolished in 2011. Currently on the site sits Prairie Gardens which contains homes for low-income seniors.

Neighbors say "yes indeed!" with the explanation that the tortured souls of psychiatric patients linger on the grounds of (and possibly within) some of the new homes. They are said to enviously watch the new homeowners and suspiciously watch others who visit the grounds.

THE SITE AS IT IS TODAY; Courtesy of Google Maps
THE SITE AS IT IS TODAY; Courtesy of Google Maps

The area, located at 1500 Blakeslee Street, Kalamazoo, is a cul-de-sac that you can drive around just to get a feel & view of where this famous Michigan haunted location once was...and of the entities that are said to remain...

***If your curiosity gets the better of you, be respectful of the people who live there. Take your pictures of the old ground if you must but leave in a timely fashion as to not disturb the current tenants.***

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