If there's one thing kids always look forward to each and every year, it's summer camp.  That's the time when kids can simply enjoy the great outdoors including swimming, biking, camping, and other fun summer activities.

According to WILX:

In 2020 almost all summer camps were canceled.  The few camps that were able to stay open have continued to develop safe protocols for this summer with the help of the new CDC guidelines.

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Very happy to know that the CDC highly encourages protocols when it comes to our kids going to summer camp.

I remember back in the day when I was a part of the Boy Scouts.  We would go camping at least once if not twice a month and just have a blast.  Of course back then, we didn't have to worry about getting coronavirus, wearing a mask, and social distancing.

WILX tells us:

Summer camp is a tradition for many kids and more than ever, giving them interaction during a pandemic is necessary for their health.  The CDC released new guidelines to ensure camps can run smoothly this year and recommends vaccines for staff over 16, mask wearing, and social distancing when able too.

We all think this can be a really good experience for kids this summer.  As long as everyone continues to stay six feet apart and to just make sure all summer camp games are done outside, everything should be just fine.

WILX adds:

The CDC guidance is meant to supplement and not replace any laws, rules, and regulations already in place at camps.

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