Congratulations! If you were a child of the '80s, you grew up okay even though your body was filled with high sugar, fat-filled, calorie-laden snacks that were delicious but not very healthy. In fact, some of those snack foods are not even available anymore, which in some cases is probably a good thing.

This Memorial Weekend is the return of the Feel Good '80s Weekend, where we'll have nothing but your favorite songs from the best decade of music, the 1980s, brought to you by the Capital Area District Libraries.

I started to get a bit nostalgic remembering the '80s, everything from neon clothes to the food that we ate. Foods like Toaster Strudel, Reese's Pieces, Crystal Light, and Diet Coke were all introduced in the 1980s. Fun fact: Diet Coke is a great rust remover, seriously I used it just the other day. You might want to think about that next time you grab a can of Diet Coke.

Breakfast in the 1980s was some type of cereal, toast, and orange juice, "part of a nutritious breakfast" when it was really just carbs and sugar. How did we ever survive?

Back in the day, cereal makers would take basically anything and turn it into a box of cereal, as they did with Mr. T, the Smurfs even the Pac-Man video game had a breakfast cereal. Sugar Frosted Flakes was always my favorite cereal and it was in 1983 that Kelloggs decided to drop the sugar from the name, it didn't make it any healthier I guess it just sounded like it was better for you.

I should drop to my knees and send a big thank you to the '80s for a couple of my very favorite snacks. Cool Ranch Doritos came on the market in 1986.   think I love them even more now than I did back then. Sara Lee also gave us the all-butter pound cake. The most perfect dessert ever in the history of deserts.

Thanks to the quickness of the microwave oven, we had Hot Pockets waiting for us as an after-school snack. Nothing is yummier than liquid lava in a handheld crust.

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If you think back to the perfume and colognes that were popular in the '80s, Giorgio Beverly Hills perfume was super popular, so was Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson and Loves Baby Soft perfume, nothing like smelling like a baby behind. The cologne favorite for men was Stetson and Hai Karate was still a favorite.

Feel Good '80's weekends always get me a bit sentimental. For those of us who grew up in that wonderful era, we had the best music. We had MTV (when they actually played music videos) and our clothes were outrageous and so much fun.

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