The fashion trends from the 1980s were so over the top that it still amazes me that anything from that decade would ever come back in style.

My favorite part of the '80s is the music.  Any teen or young adult in that time has to admit that it was the best music. That is why I so totally love the Feel Good '80s Weekend on 99.1 WFMK. Friday afternoon and continuing through Memorial Day will be nothing but the best music from the 1980s, sponsored by the Capital Area District Libraries.

I literally had the '80s walk up and smack me in the face when my daughter came downstairs to show me her new jeans. High-waisted "mom" jeans, and to make it even worse, the jeans were acid-washed. Definitely not one of my favorite fashions.

A few notables from the era's fashion trends include big shoulder pads, oversized jewelry, the punk look, or the preppy look.  If you know me at all, it's probably no shocker that I was into the punk look. In fact, I was coloring my hair purple way before anyone else.

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The preppy look gave us polo shirts, sweaters tied around necks, boat shoes, and Swatch watches. Remember those? They came in fun colors and were affordable for everyone.

Leg warmers were popular even if you weren't a dancer and so were ripped sweatshirts. We have the movie Flashdance to thank for making those things fashionable.

Lycra leotards were a must-have for working out to Jane Fonda's workout tapes. Pretty sure the majority of women in the early '80s had at least one of Fonda's VHS tapes in their VCR.

My daughters crack up when they see photos of me from the 1980s. Everything was so big: big hair, big make-up, and big earrings. They laugh, but we know that we totally killed the look back in the day. The side ponytail, well that needs to stay away and not come back in style.

What was your favorite '80s fashion trend? Let me know through the WFMK app, and be sure to tune in this weekend to listen to all your favorite '80s hits!

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