If you are live in or are from around the Lansing area, you know the significance behind just two letters...QD. It is truly a staple here in the greater Lansing community, the backbone of it, if you will.

There's the donuts, the paczkis, the baked goods, and more. There is also, of course, their ICONIC chip dip that has quite the reputation to uphold. That's why when that reputation was threatened, the CEO himself stepped in to clear the air.

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Quality Dairy - Nearly 30 Locations Strong in Mid-Michigan

We don't need to tell you that Quality Dairy brings a lot of pride to a lot of individual communities around Lansing but we will tell you that there are 27 locations, to be exact and each one of those is filled with employees who bring joy to the faithful customers who visit regularly...and have for a pretty long time.

It's a collection of places so great it's inspired jingles that get stuck in our heads like "it's Quality Dairy time..." and even original jingles by Lansing residents:

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A Lansing-Area Icon With an Even More Iconic Dip

Now, we would be remised to be sitting here talking about Quality Dairy without bringing up their French Onion Dip.

You want to talk about a Mid-Michigan staple? Here it is.

Now, this is where we start to talk about just what the heck happened that made it so QD's CEO, Ken Martin, felt the need to hop on social media and put some naysayers in their place.

We are confident in saying people are pretty dang passionate about this chip dip...and we absolutely can not blame them there.

However, just last year, there was a change made in the packaging and people had...feelings about it.

As reported by Man @ Large, the design on the tub went from this:

McConnell Adams / TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams / TSM Lansing

To this:

McConnell Adams / TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams / TSM Lansing

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Even in his reporting, Large said the addition of cows to the label stirs up some confusion when you compare it to other brands like Prairie Farms. It's not that you would think one is copying the other, it's just you don't want to be reaching for some QD dip and accidentally grab the wrong one.

Squashing Rumors About QD's Packaging, Dips and More

The change in packaging is what brings us to our main point here.

Now, brands change their packaging all the time and we do now live in COVID times which means many of our favorite establishments have been dealing with supply shortages.

Apparently, there were rumors swirling about a change in, well, quality over at Quality Dairy stores. Not only quality but full-on changes in recipes as well.

While we did not find or see any rumors of the sort, we now know they must have been getting out of hand because on Tuesday, January 11th, QD's CEO, Ken Martin, took to social media to squash it all.

The post he shared in the local Facebook group, Lansing Foodies, outlined why packaging changes occur, how the dairy for dairy products is supplied, transported and maintained as well as a certain ice cream flavor that is here to stay.

"My family built our business on Quality products, that remains our business model today and will remain our model for years to come," he finished the post. "Hopefully this response helps sort out many of the opinions and incorrect statements posted."

It gained so much community support, even Lansing Facts shared it, telling people to knock it off:

Quality Dairy Stands by Their Quality

There you have it folks, "quality" is not just part of the name, it's part of everything they do over at QD and if you think otherwise, you better think again or Ken Martin might have something to say.

Now here begins my petition to have Mr. Martin come settle any and all debates I may find myself in from now until the end of time.

Quality business, quality dude, Quality Dairy forever. Take it away, Magic Johnson:

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