It's hard out there for a package just trying to make its way home which is why it is especially sad when there are people out there trying to take it away!

I've been watching a lot of "Law and Order: SVU" lately and so while also being as dramatic as possible, I have also gotten really into crime. One of the biggest crimes around the holidays? Package stealing (insert the Law and Order *dun dun*)

You've heard all the horror stories or maybe someone you know has even caught a thief red-handed on a home security system.

Sure, you could just report it to the police, you could fight with the company to get your money back and in the end it is not really a life-altering issue...except it sure does feel like that sometimes!

You could make like this guy on YouTube and get down and dirty with a steaming hot pile of revenge...and glitter...

Or you could just follow a few simple steps and tips to ensure your precious package's safety!

Porch Pirate Prevention

No matter what you order this year, how you order it or where it gets dropped off these are just a few simple tips that could help avoid a potentially either expensive or just genuinely disheartening situation. also offers guidance on how to handle it if you do find yourself a victim of porch piracy.

It also is a good idea to follow the example of plenty of other fine folks I have seen on Facebook and things like that and leaving a token of your appreciation out for delivery drivers. It's as easy as setting out a basket of snacks and some waters out for them to grab and go as they make the endless rounds of holiday deliveries!

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