Look no further than Lansing, Michigan, to find and actual home converted into a "Monster Home," just in time for Halloween.

It's a very simple display of big eyes and teeth on a rental property off High Street in Lansing.and the person responsible for all the Halloween fun is Kelly Betts.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

A few cardboard boxes, scissors, paint and another person assisted Betts in creating her monster home for Halloween. There are white fangs apparently ready to gobble up visitors and villainous eyes observing everyone's approach.

Just the fact that Kelly Betts took the time to make this awesome monster home out of cardboard boxes and other materials is truly remarkable.

You have to really love Halloween to make this project come alive, so to speak, and that's exactly what happened. People are stopping by just to look at this creation on High Street in Lansing.

So what do we know about Kelly Betts? This from the Lansing State Journal:

Betts used to work in bars and restaurants where people would dress up for Halloween and checking out Halloween costumes remains a favorite fall activity. She added Halloween is extra special to her since her birthday is four days prior.

Isn't Halloween a great holiday? I can remember the time when I volunteered to be a part of a haunted house in Lansing. It was called "Scream in the Dark."

This was way back in the mid 70's, and I got to wear an authentic werewolf mask just to play the part of the "Wolfman." And did I scare a lot of people or what? Absolutely!

That was the best part of "Scream in the Dark." You could hear people screaming from room to room. We had a "Frankenstein" room, a "Strobe Light" room where everything was painted black and white.

And there was the "Mad Scientist" room as well. Great scares and great Halloween fun during the "Scram in the Dark" haunted house days!

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