Did ya ever hear of the town of Montrose? No, not the one in Genesee County...the one that used to be in Ionia County. It's possible you never did...because it was re-named 'Muir' in 1859.

The town's genesis occurred in 1854 when a sawmill was erected. The lumber business brought more people looking to eke their way through life and in 1857, a town was platted and a post office began operating. The post office went under the name Montrose, or Montrose Station, named after the place most of the settlers came from: Montrose, New York.

Not long afterward, the Detroit, Muskegon, & Western Railroad came through, which brought even more settlers and business establishments. Railroad superintendent H.K. Muir was responsible for getting the trains to come through town...so as a way of thanks, they changed the name of Montrose (Station) to “Muir” in 1859.

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The town's first business was a hotel that was constructed in 1856. It was followed by a saloon and general merchandise store. Soon, there were additions and by the time 1864 rolled around, Muir had a blacksmith, churches, depot, doctor's office, drug store, grist mill, two grocery stores, post office, sash & blind factory, another sawmill, school, and shingle mill.

The most famous person to come from Muir is probably Billy Strings, whose family moved to Muir before he was a teen (Billy was born in Lansing, family moved to Kentucky, then to Muir). Born in 1992, Billy is doing very well...he has many record releases, won eight awards, continues to play around the country, recorded with Willie Nelson, and is a sought-after bluegrass guitarist and banjo player.

A photo gallery of Muir is featured below!

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