I would consider myself a bit of a camping expert, having camped in Michigan my entire life. There are so many amazing places, so I will help you out and do the homework.

Here is my list of just a small few campgrounds you should check out this summer.in Michigan, These come with my seal of approval, because I have camped there, and with a reminder to check on camping sites with the DNR beforehand.

 Luddington State Park

This park has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Offering 3 different campgrounds, and 355 campsites.  This state park is on Hamlin Lake and Lake Michigan, perfect for all kinds of water sports.

A friend of mine mentioned that Luddington State Park also has a few cabins to rent, that is not really camping in my opinion, but if it gets you up north and outdoors then that's okay by me.

Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

The beauty of this area is breathtaking.  If you have never been to the Porcupine Mountains put it on your bucket list now.   Wilderness State Park is the largest state park in Michigan, located in the Upper Peninsula and home to acres and acres of old-growth forest.

South Higgins Lake State Park

A really nice state park which just happens to be located on my lake. A fun place for families, one of the big selling points is Higgins Lake itself.  From the campground, you can walk out into the sandy-bottomed lake with the beautiful clear water. A heads up, holiday weekends can be a bit crazy and loud, so I would recommend choosing another weekend if camping with children.

Buttersville Park

This is a smaller campground, but it is big on a view.  This little gem is in Luddington, and it is situated on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. Head down the steps and you are at a beautiful, uncrowded beach that you pretty much have to yourself. Reservations need to be made in advance as this park fills up fast.

Lake Gogebic State Park

Heading back to the U.P., Lake Gogebic is a beautiful lake and the state park is super nice and very clean.  This was another spot that I loved as a kid. One of my favorite memories was camping here and then at night, my Dad had us all pile into the station wagon and we went off to the dump to watch the bears. Seriously, we did this and it was a blast.

As you plan your summer vacations, remember you don't need to go far. There is so much to see and do in our beautiful state of Michigan.

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