The weather is going to be absolutely spectacular this weekend and part of next week with temperatures in the mid-70's.

This could only mean one thing, major peak fall colors in Michigan. In fact, the areas you should definitely check out are in the eastern Upper Peninsula and all of the northern half of Lower Michigan.

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A couple of spots that are fabulous with peak fall colors are places like Leelanau County and the Traverse City area, both in the northern Lower Peninsula.

According to, there are other Lower Michigan locations to check out as well.

It looks like most areas of northern Lower Michigan are at peak fall color right now. The hillsides around Gaylord, Grayling and West Branch are definitely worth a drive this weekend.

I know it's not quite the same as seeing beautiful fall colors in northern Michigan and the eastern Upper Peninsula, but there are some beautiful fall colors right here in the Greater Lansing area.

One of those places is in Okemos, my own home town. Just take a drive throughout Okemos and several other areas around Greater Lansing and you're going to see some great vibrant colors.

Since the weather is suppose to be really nice this weekend, take your family to any one of our local parks and just walk around and enjoy the fall colors one tree at a time. And yes, take lots of pictures because nothing beats the view of Michigan's peak fall colors. also adds:

The drive from Midland to Cadillac on U.S. 10 and M-115 will be perfect this weekend. I-75 from Standish to the Mackinac Bridge will be in peak color. U.S. 131 from Grand Rapids to Petoskey will also be a great drive. The Lake Michigan shoreline drive of U.S. 31 will have peak color from Ludington northward to its end near the Mackinac Bridge.


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