Who would have thought that the son of a lumber yard owner would be one of Hollywood's most reliable actors for quality portrayals of a diverse array of characters? Though he was born in Athens, Georgia, Jeff Daniels was raised in Chelsea, Michigan, where he still resides today. Though his bio is long and storied, for a certain generation, there is a movie and an iconic scene that is the first image that pops into mind when you hear this Mitten State native's name: Dumb and Dumber, the broken toilet scene. At one point, Daniels thought that scene might end his career.

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First, let me say that Mr. Daniels has given some of the finest performances the silver screen has ever seen in some of Tinstle Town's biggest films. From dramatic turns in Terms of Endearment and The Hours to action and thrillers like Speed and Anracnaphopia to his more recent series on Netflix, Jeff Daniels' commitment to his craft is clear. That commitment makes the 1994 Dumb and Dumber broken toilet scene iconic rather than just a crude attempt at humor.

Jeff Daniels Feared Iconic Dumb and Dumber Scene Could End His Career

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What makes the 'broken toilet scene' a classic is Daniels's ability to make his character and predicament identifiable. Without spoiling anything, Harry Dunne (Daniels' character) finds himself in a situation everyone fears: having a restroom emergency while picking up a woman on their 1st date, only to find out after the fact the toilet is broken, but the 'exchange' has already happened.

Daniels must be accustomed to fielding questions about the meme-worthy performance, as it came up during a recent interview with People Magazine. He admits that during the movie's shooting, he confided in his co-star and fellow Hollywood giant, Jim Carey, that the scene could 'end my career.'

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However, the scene went on into its place in comedy history and has proven to be an icebreaker for Daniels, who, in the same interview, confessed that upon first meeting him, Clint Eastwood said he'd recently seen Dumb and Dumber and admitted that he'd been caught in the very same scenario.

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You can catch Daniels on the Netflix drama series 'A Man in Full', or you may be able to catch an impromptu performance at his theater in Chelsea, Michigan, called The Purple Rose.

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