This comes as somewhat of a shock but not surprising at all. Michigan has four of the top 20 most violent cities in the nation.

Here are the four:

1. Saginaw

2. Detroit

3. Kalamazoo

4. Lansing

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Can you believe that Lansing, Michigan, is on the list as one of the most violent cities? This totally shocks me personally.

I've lived in Lansing all of my life and can't believe that our city is on this list. Back in my Jr. high and high school days, we didn't have that much crime in Lansing, Michigan.

But apparently, things have taken a turn for the worse. According to

Michigan has four of the top 20 most violent cities in the nation, including Saginaw, Detroit, Kalamazoo and Lansing, and four communities with the fewest property crimes, including: Independence Township, White Lake Township, West Bloomfield and Orion Township.

If we take a look at Michigan cities for most violent crime in 2021, Lansing reported over 1,700 crimes. Detroit had over 14,000, Saginaw around 1,000 crimes, and Kalamazoo just over 1,200 crimes.

And when we mention crimes, that includes murder, rape, robbery. and more.

It's so sad that every time you turn on the local news, whether it's on TV or on the radio, we seem to always hear about people being killed by guns, or a robbery taking place somewhere in the Lansing area.

If we take a look at violent crimes in Michigan as well, those numbers have gone up too. This from

The number of crimes in Michigan increased at a more rapid pace than the national average. The total number of violent crimes in Michigan increased 4.7%, while the number of property crimes increased 5.8%. Statewide, homicides decreased 6.3%, from 660 in 2020 to 618 in 2021.

I'm not sure what it's going to take, but violent crime in Lansing, Kalamazoo, Detroit, and Saginaw needs to decrease. We need more police or violent crimes will just get worse.

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