Can you count on one hand how many Michigan resorts you've stayed at over the past five years?

According to, Michigan is a prime vacation destination with its access to the Great Lakes, a few big cities, and lots of pristine wilderness.

One of my favorite destinations in Michigan is Mackinac Island. The biggest reason is because you can relax in peace and quiet.

Some of the best resorts in Michigan include:

1. Mission Point Resort. Located on Mackinac Island and nothing short of a luxury resort. I love this place. I was there quite some time ago and really enjoyed what they had to offer. They transform your getaway into a health and wellness retreat at their Lakeside Spa and Salon. They offer amenities like free wifi, coffeemakers, and spa bath products.

2. Crystal Mountain Resort and Spa. Here's another great resort. Talk about a perfect place for a family vacation. It's got The Park at Water's Edge, which is a mix of a swimming pool and an aquatic playground, with water cannons for the kids and water basketball and volleyball. They also feature mountain biking, outdoor laser tag, and paintball.

3. Garland Lodge and Resort. I stayed at this resort with my wife and we both loved it. Garland Lodge is well known for their rustic lodging, scenic natural surroundings, a great golf course and lots of food options. You can never go wrong with food and golf. In the winter you can check out their fish camp for a chance to catch and release rainbow trout.

4. Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Located in beautiful Traverse City, this resort gets fabulous reviews. What makes this resort so special? You will be close to the state's wine country, Lake Michigan's beaches, a very foodie town, and one of the nation's top golf destinations. This resort also features three restaurants and two bars. (

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