"Defense Comes First With Oldsmobile" is the title of this 49-second ad that was shown in movie theaters back in 1941. It touts the brand-new 1942 Oldsmobiles that Lansing was crankin' out. Check out the stills in the photo gallery above.

America's involvement in World War II was just beginning; and even though this little ad is all about the new 1942 Olds models, the video shows a couple of seconds of artillery shells being produced while the narrator states "Oldsmobile's #1 job: production for national defense."

Then he goes on to say, "But to serve the vital needs of today's America, Oldsmobile goes still further: Oldsmobile contributes the B-44...better looking, better lasting, better built than any car in Olds' 44-year history."

This is a great little slice of Lansing/Oldsmobile history. Enjoy the stills in the photo gallery above, then take a look at the complete 49-second commercial below! Share this with others that are interested in Lansing and/or Oldsmobile history!!

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