Back in May of 2021, it was announced that Lansing would be getting another sports team of our own to root for as the Lansing Pharaohs get their footing and join The Basketball League.

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What the Team is About

On May 19th we reported on team owner, Chris Jackson's conversation with WILX News 10 upon announcing the existence and plans for the minor-league team.

(CLICK HERE for the full story on the announcement, The Basketball League and more.)

By that point, Jackson told WILX he felt Lansing and Michigan deserved a pro basketball team when presented with the opportunity from The Basketball League (which falls between Double and Triple-A basketball).

At the time, basically it was just a team name, a team owner and a plan; however, since then, there is now a venue to host the team, a plan to find players as well as a timeline for a start-date!

Where and When The Lansing Pharaohs Will Play

According to FOX 47 News, the team will start playing at the Don Johnson Fieldhouse in March of 2022.

Image Courtesy of Google Satellite
Image Courtesy of Google Satellite

The Greater Lansing Sports Authority says "The facility can accommodate; basketball, volleyball, badminton, cheer, stunt, dance, gymnastics, foosball, futsal, martial arts, gymnastics, wrestling, and more." They also say it is a great space for tournaments, special events...and now, professional basketball!

At a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at Don Johnson Fieldhouse, Jackson expressed appreciation for the opportunity "to bring a rich tradition of basketball at a professional level back to the city of Lansing."

What's to Come For the Team

The core goal for the Lansing Pharaohs, Jackson tells FOX 47, is "to showcase what the Lansing community can do" and be an asset to them.

Of course, that means getting members of the Lansing-area community on the team, which is why, according to FOX 47, six tryouts will be held this fall for players who are 18 or older. If they make the team, they will be paid for playing.

Being an asset to the community also means a partnership with local school districts. Jackson tells FOX 47, their goal is to give between 50 and 100 tickets to the Lansing School district "to use for whatever they need" for each game.

It looks like the Lansing Pharaohs have their playbook and we look forward to seeing where they go from here.

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