This is bordering on an Ohio/Florida level of nonsense.

Just five days ago, on 8/17/22, an interesting picture was posted on Reddit that is leaving anyone who sees it with a few questions. The picture, posted by u/Wise-Manufacturer324, shows someone dressed as a knight apparently just...standing on a sidewalk in Detroit:

Although, it does seem like this knight forgot his/her proper knight footwear as they appear to be wearing black sneakers. But, maybe they're just black boots. Who knows?

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Yeah, that's a great question. One I don't think we'll be able to answer today. However, I must applaud the over 2k comments for being exceptionally witty with their replies:

I guess he heard that Detroit had great nightlife - u/Venerable_Duvet 

I daresay he's awaiting a challenger - u/DTSummers

He seems nice, maybe he just needs help with a quest. - u/iusedtobefamous1892

My dude just traveled thru time and is just standing there like what the f**k is all this? - u/Xoduszero

Just a city knight, Armored up in south Detroit, He's on the sidewalk not goin aaaanyyyywheeeeeere- u/2020BillyJoel

And, naturally,

NONE SHALL PASS - u/Bumper114

If you don't immediately get that reference, it's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Specifically, this iconic scene:

The OP was able to narrow down where in Detroit this photo was taken: at the crossroads of Griswold & Fort Street. Which is a bit ironic. get it.

Other than the location we have NO other information about who this person might be, whether or not there was a convention in town, or maybe, this person just wanted to dress up like a knight and create some confusion. Personally, this isn't even in the top 5 craziest things I've seen over the past two years. So, to me, this person gets a pass. You keep dressing like a knight, random citizen. Do your thing.

Before you go, cringe with me as you read this knight-themed pun: Who was the knight that was very decisive? Sir Tainly.

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