There is new research that suggests graphic warnings on junk food packaging would prove an effective deterrent to consumers when they are deciding what  to eat, and research shows that the more graphic and negative the message the better.

Okay, so that sounds good in theory.   However when I am breaking down and grabbing some junk food, I already know it is not good for me, but at some points in my life that does not matter to me.  I have seen someone take a 'Flaming  hot Cheeto's and lighting it on fire, and yes it does become a torch....(petroleum products in the food ) Sometimes, no matter how clean you try and just doesn't matter when you want to eat junk.

The findings by researchers at the University of Melbourne and Cancer Council reinforces arguments for mandatory health warnings on unhealthy food as an effective tool in improving diets and combating rising rates of obesity-related chronic diseases.

I believe I have found something that would work even better.    A Netflix show called "Obesity Post Mortem'.  An obese woman donated her body to science to study obesity and it is so disturbing, what fat does to your internal organs is disgusting.  Watch that program and I bet you will be grabbing for fruits and veggies instead of junk food.

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