Like most historic downtown and residential areas in Michigan, there are cities with a wealth of old homes that are rich with history. Jackson is one of them. When Jackson was in its prime, it was a hub of automotive and industrial ingenuity and was a magnet for some of the state's most rich and powerful.


One family called Jackson home was the Footes, William, and James, founders of Consumers Energy and Foote Hospital (now Henry Ford Jackson Hospital). James B. Foote, having already provided downtown Jackson electricity, set his family roots at 735 W Washington Avenue, a mansion that still stands today and maintains its classic Colonial charm from 1916.

Inside James B. Foote's Jackson, Michigan Mansion, Built In 1916

Photo Credit The Brokerage House
Photo Credit The Brokerage House

I can remember driving down Washington Avenue in Jackson, Michigan when I was growing up and imagining what it would be like to live in one of the classic Colonials that line it; my mom would always remind me, "Houses like that are great until you have to clean them." As I grew older, I realized that if I could afford a big house, I could afford to have someone clean it, too.

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Looking for a new home or real estate investment? Good news: This piece of Jackson's history is currently for sale and available for a tour courtesy of The Brokerage House. Let's look at the attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship you can see as we tour the home of Consumers Energy co-founder James B. Foote, built in Jackson, Michigan, in 1916.

Michigan Mansion Built in 1916 by Consumers Energy Founder

In 1886, two brothers were tasked with providing electric lighting in downtown Jackson, Michigan. William A. and James B. Foote would make their mark in the town, with William's wife later founding Foote Hospital (now Henry Ford Health). In 1916, James had a home built for himself and his family at 735 W Washington Avenue. Here's a look at what that home looks like over 100 years later courtesy of The Brokerage House

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Inside Jackson, Michigan's Long Vacant Gilbert's Steakhouse

Listed by Griffin Properties of Detroit, Jackson, Michigan's former Gilbert's Steakhouse has sat empty since 2006, waiting for someone to reboot this iconic restaurant. Let's look at what it looks like today, nearly two decades since the last plate of garlic bread was placed on a table.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Photos: Peek Into Bugg Jewelers - DuPuis et Fils Basement

Tales have been told of the 'playful spirit' of Maude Bugg (William), one of the original owners of Bugg Jewelers, at 160 W Michigan Avenue in Downtown Jackson, Michigan. Let's see if we can catch a glimpse of her as we walk around the exterior and basement of the former Bugg / DuPuis et Fils Jewelers in Jackson.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Hidden Gems of Downtown Lansing: The Strand - Michigan Theater

The Atrium Office Center at 215 Washington Square in downtown Lansing, Michigan, was once the home of the Strand Theater and Arcade, which eventually became the Michigan Theater. See what remains of the classic French design as we explore the space once occupied by Harry Houdini and Al Jolson. Here's how Lansing's The Strand / Michigan Theater looks today.

Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

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