Everyone has memories that will be forever engrained in their mind's eye, and Jackson, Michigan's Toy House, owns several of mine. Growing up in Brooklyn, Michigan in the 80s, we did most of our shopping in Jackson. On these trips, I would hold my breath and wish with all my might that we would make a trip to the Mechanic Street Mecca of Toys.

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For me, the Toy House will forever be at 400 Mechanic. I can still see the blue, red, and yellow colors on the sign peaking over the railroad bridge coming from either direction on Michigan Avenue as you entered the downtown Jackson area. I just sat in the back of the family station wagon, hoping to hear a turn signal pop on and see my dad knowingly make eye contact with me in the rearview mirror.

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He'd grin and, so would I. I was elated because I was going into the Toy House. My dad was just excited to see me happy. The Toy House staff knew this. They'd seen it dozens of times that day and thousands upon thousands of times over a year. They catered to me and my family like we were the only people there, at least that's how they made you feel.

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I feel for kids who don't get to experience the magic of a toy store, let alone the Toy House. Sure toy AISLES are fun, but the Toy House was a store full of nothing but toys. From its early beginnings on First Street to its final day on December 24, 2016, the Toy House made lasting memories for those lucky enough to shop there and receive a birthday or Christmas present in the signature Toy House wrapping paper.

If you remember making a beeline for the circus mirrors, you'll enjoy scrolling through your childhood, with a brief history in pictures of the Toy House. For the full history, check out ToyHouseOnline.com.

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