Our United States sure has some funny town named. A website called Zippia chose their single favorite out of each state. Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho made the list, along with Accident, Maryland... Castle Danger, Minnesota.... and Okay, Oklahoma. But According to Zippia, the weirdest Michigan town name is Free Soil. Not Hell. Not Climax. Free Soil. Now, I'm sure they think it sounds silly because it conjures images of the signs outside of some construction sites that boast "Free Soil," but I think it has a much more patriotic origin story, as in, you are walking on Free Soil. Free Soil hardly elicits any reaction, and certainly not the giggles that Booger Hole, West Virginia prompts.

So this got me thinking. Lets check out some of the strangest Michigan town names that Zippia totally missed.

Six of the Strangest Town Names in Michigan

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