Weathervanes used to tell us about wind and weather that could be on the horizon, with phones and the internet we don't need them anymore. Hopefully if you had one, or still have yours nailed to your roof, it could be worth lots of money as collectors are looking for old and classic weather-vanes.

Where I live now I don't have a weather-vane but my parents house does have one but I don't think they will climb up to the roof to grab it. My parents don't have an interesting weather-vane but if you happen to have one that is old, has a story behind it, or has a farm animal in it, it may be worth a lot.

After looking through Ebay, I have found that most weather-vanes are selling for over $100. Some are in really good condition, while others are not, and that didn't affect the price. Before you head to your roof or rummage through your attic let me tell you which ones I've noticed are selling for the most.

  • Weather-vanes with Roosters - I assume this is because roosters are known for them being a good alarm but apparently if you have a rooster weather-vane you could get at least $200 with some selling for upwards of $1,000
  • Weather-vanes with Ships - This antique copper ship weather-vane is going for $750 and could go for more as multiple people are watching it.
  • Weather-vanes with Horses - This antique Horse weather-vane is selling for $2,500 but there are others ones going for at least $750 and many going in the thousands.

Before you climb up to the roof or look through your attic take a look at some of these weathervanes for sale on Ebay and good luck.

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