If you're reading this, your turkey should be out, down, and defrosting.

If you've got a turkey. If you've been Thanksgiving grocery shopping at all. I ventured out this Saturday and hit three different stores. Aldi, Kroger, and Meijer. I am staying home and cooking for one person. But I was looking for certain items. It took me a store or two before I found collard greens. The above smoked turkey tails for said collard greens. Sweet potatoes for my world famous sweet potato pie. Ingredients for the small pan of dressing I'm making.

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See, I'm from down south. I'm not going to be with moms but I am definitely going to cook like her (on a smaller scale).

While I was out Thanksgiving shopping I saw some stuff I hadn't seen before and some things I had to show and tell you about.

Prepare yourself for the good, the bad, and the chitlins.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Facts: If you pronounce them chitterlings, you're dead to me and well out of your depth as far as in what they are, how to cook them and if you want to eat them. This is soul food, it requires you wash them, and your house is going to stink for DAYS! But a southern soul food staple for the holidays.

Peep my gallery of the weird, wild, and CHEATING for Thanksgiving when you're cooking and shopping for food.

Consider it a guide for what to stay away from and to answer those pesky "What is that? Have you ever eaten that?"

You're welcome.

Weird Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping

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