Many Michiganders know of author James Oliver Curwood and his writing studio, Curwood Castle. That's

There are still many who think that he lived in the castle, but nope. His home was just a block away, across the Shiawassee River. There are no bedrooms in the castle, which leaves some visitors perplexed - until they find out he built this as a getaway studio where he could write.

Curwood wrote many stories and novels between 1909 and the year of his death, 1927. From 1928-1931, a handful more were published posthumously.

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Curwood's death still leaves many puzzled. He was fishing in Florida when something bit him either within or through his rubber waders. Whatever it was, it had an immediate affect on him. According to his daughter, "He had an immediate reaction to this and was given different antitoxin in an effort to offset the reaction. Nothing seemed to work. Finally he had his driver take him back to Michigan. The spot where he was stung formed something similar to a carbuncle."

His condition kept getting worse and was medically advised to stay in bed. He refused, as he was expected to be in Washington D.C. to testify before Congress concerning his passion for – and love of - conservation. He went to D.C., but by the time he returned to Owosso, the infection was ravaging through his entire body. He passed away just a few days later, on August 13, 1927 at the too-young age of 49.

Curwood Castle is now a museum open to the public...but even though many Michiganders are familiar with the castle, many have not been inside yet.

So now here's your chance.
Take a look at the photo gallery below that includes pictures of inside Curwood Castle.



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