There once was a village in Michigan by the name of Ingersoll, found in the southeast corner of Ingersoll Township, Midland County. The area was covered with Native American wigwams when the first settler, Erial Chamberlin, arrived in 1854.

After a few years Erial changed the name of the village (with a population of approximately 50 people) to "Lee's Corners" after his son, store owner Levi Chamberlin. However, in 1895, to avoid confusion with a town with the same name, another change was in order - this time, the village became known as "Laporte" ("the door") and boasted a population of 102. A few years later, in 1907, the post office shut down and many of the businesses did as well.

Over the years, the town had not only a post office, but a Justice of the Peace, a handful of carpentry shops, church, doctor, several other shops and a general store.

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The main general store, which was built in 1874, still stands today as "JNK Corners."

To this day, Laporte is an unincorporated community with a nice handful of old buildings and houses still standing. It may or may not show up on some maps. There are a few residents still there, which makes referring to Laporte as a 'ghost town' somewhat difficult.....but if you refer to it as "Ingersoll," then's a ghost town.

See the photos below to find out the location.....
Hop in the car, pay a visit, go into the old general store and snap some's not that far from here!


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