Sometimes it's nice to take a day trip to Grand Rapids or Lake Michigan. It's an easy drive since all you have to do is hop on 96.

I've driven on that freeway countless times in my life, but just recently I noticed something strange. There is this weird, overpowering fart smell that happens at the same spot every single time. I can't really pinpoint a location, but it's somewhere between Ionia and Lowell.

What's That Weird Smell on I-96 by Ionia and Lowell?

What the heck is it?

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If I hadn't realized that it was happening every single time I was on 96, in the exact same spot every time, I would just assume that whoever I was in the car with farted.  mean, everybody farts, and I'll always fess up if it's me. But it's not me, and it's not my driving buddy...What is it?!

It's driving me crazy, and I need answers.

Stinky Mid-Michigan Highway

Does anyone know what might be causing this awful smell on I-96 between Ionia and Lowell? Please, someone, solve this mystery for me so I don't stay up at night wondering what it could possibly be.

Is it a garbage dump? Is it a water cleaning facility? Is there a secret, giant troll that slumbers under one of the nearby bridges and he happens to be especially gassy when he sleeps?

If anyone has any insight or clarity they could provide, it would be much appreciated. Send me a message with the station app.

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