This house is definitely haunted. I say this, because a few years ago, I spent several nights inside and had some unexplainable things happen to me.

This house was built sometime in the 1830's in Galesburg, a small town just east of Kalamazoo. During one of Abraham Lincoln's whistle stops, the train had come to a halt right in front of the house. A picture exists somewhere of this event. It's ironic, in the sense that the Beckwith House was a safe house for runaway slaves, as part of the Underground Railroad. I was in the basement and saw the tunnels for myself. Aside from different residents for almost 200 years, it was also a funeral parlor at one time.

One night, as I was going to sleep, I felt a weird sensation on my right side. Not a muscle spasm, not a twitch...but it was the feeling of cold fingertips walking down alongside my hip. As I said, it wasn't some kind of muscle spasm, because I could feel the coolness that seemed to come from cold fingertips. On a different night, I was scratched by an unseen fingernail.

Exactly one week to the day, I was back in bed, beginning to drift off. I felt something pulling my arm, as if attempting to pull me out of bed. I yelled at whatever it was, shouting "leave me the f*** alone!!!" Another person in the house heard me, looked, and saw my arm being pulled out of bed. So that proved it wasn't a dream.

About 3:00 in the morning, I awoke and heard a noise coming from one of the dark corners of the bedroom. It was the faint sound of a little girl giggling. I mentioned this to the owner a few days later, and she said, yep, they, too have heard the giggling.

The owner told me an instance where she went into the bathroom and saw the figure of a man in a wheelchair...who disappeared seconds later.

There are other experiences that happened in this house that I will relate at another time...but the above are the actual things that happened to me in the house. I wasn't looking for anything to happen, I wasn't investigating, and I've always been skeptical about paranormal activities.

But I cannot explain those things I experienced.


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