There are quite a few tales of haunted Michigan frat houses and sororities...this is one of 'em.

The Phi Kappa Tau House in Hancock near Finlandia University has it's share of paranormal occurrences. The structure was built over 100 years ago, roughly around 1904. During it's history, it has been a hotel, doctor's office and hospital. It was during it's tenure as a hospital that may be responsible for strange happenings, as a morgue was located in the basement.

Hancock is mining territory...and there have been sightings of shadowy figures resembling miners walking the halls along with other strangers, according to frat members. When going down to the morgue to explore, the temperatures sometimes instantly go from warm to freezing cold, no matter the weather.

Phi Kappa Tau was originally founded as Mu Kappa Mu on April 24, 1957 by 12 Michigan Tech students. Some years afterward, in the mid-1970's, a fraternity brother accidentally fell off the fire escape to his death. Since then, doors open & close by themselves, faucets come on by themselves and lights go on & off on their own. 

In the early 2000's, one crop of frat brothers had a dog who refused to venture into one of the rooms. The dog would stand just outside the door looking into the room and moving it's head as if watching something/someone in the room moving/walking around. 

Thinking of taking a Michigan roadtrip or attending the school? If so, make sure you pay a visit to the frat house.

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