Okay, so not all of these are ghost towns.....but some are, as well as shadow towns, fading villages, and some historic little Michigan burgs that have been lost to time.

An atlas below shows a kind of 'route' you can take.

There are 14 places of interest:
AURELIUS Was once a nice little village that just seemingly got pushed aside by neighboring towns like Mason and Holt.
BELL OAK Is a very cool shadow town near the Livingston County border.
BUNKER HILL Has an old store left at the old downtown intersection.
DELHI Got swallowed up by Holt. Delhi used to be a little railroad stop just a few hundred feet northeast of Holt.
EDEN Had a few little stores that have all either been torn down or turned into homes. The depot is gone, too.
FITCHBURG Still has its great old general store downtown, although deserted. A couple of other old cool buildings are around as well, if you look.
MERIDIAN Got swallowed up by East Lansing.
MILLVILLE/WHITE OAK These two are almost the same, but not quite. All that's left that shows Millville once existed is the church.
NORTH AURELIUS Has an old schoolhouse on the southwest corner, now a residence.
ONONDAGA Has a few great old storefronts left, as well as the Onondaga Dragway, just northeast of town.
PACKARD Got swallowed up by Lansing's growth.
POLLOK Located in the lower left corner of Wheatfield Township.
TEASPOON CORNERS/NORTH LESLIE Even though some historic buildings are now gone, there are a couple left that show a little life of a past village.
TROWBRIDGE Got swallowed up by East Lansing.
WINFIELD/KINNEVILLE Now just a couple blocks of homes, no stores. 'Winfield' was changed to 'Kinneville' in the early 1900s.

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Others you might have fun trying to locate include Alverson, Chapins Corners, Leroy, Locke, and Phelpstown. Ghost towns, shadow towns, forgotten towns, no-towns, old postal stops, and railroad stations...they're all here for you to uncover, right in Ingham County!

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