The Meridian Historical Village is a great historic place to visit. Even though it's located in Meridian Township's Central Park in Okemos, it has a good handful of historic buildings that were relocated from other Michigan sites.

The Friends of Historic Meridian formed in 1974 in order to preserve the history of the area. Members take care of the property & buildings, and also dress up in 19th century clothing to the enjoyment of visitors.

1) Michigan's only remaining tollgate house from the 1840s-1850s.

2) The 1849 Barnes House, which was the first frame house ever built in Okemos.

3) The 1860s Grettenberger Farmhouse.

4) 1870s log cabin, barn, and windmill.

5) The Heathman-Herre House, built in 1877 as a blacksmith shop on the northeast corner of Hamilton and Marsh Roads in Okemos.

6) The 1883 Randall schoolhouse, which was north of Fowlerville.

7) An old-fashioned chapel where you can book weddings!

This is a very cool stop to make – history right at your fingertips. Meridian Historical Village is located at 5151 Marsh Road, Okemos, north of the Meridian Mall. Try to get over there sometime this year! Check out some photos below.

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