Pollok, or Pollock, was the name of an Ingham County settlement that just didn't get off the ground.

Pollok sits quietly secluded in the lower left corner of Wheatfield Township. It was named after early settler M.J. Pollock and his family, who came from New York to Michigan in the early 1850s. In 1852, M.J. was Pollok's Justice of the Peace.

When the Pollok post office began operations on March 14, 1899, the postmaster duties were assigned to Judson Phelps. However, it was closed just over a year later, on August 31, 1900.

Unfortunately, there isn't much left of Pollok, and all that remains is an old one-room schoolhouse at the old town intersection, next to an empty lot where the old post office used to be.

Below, see a few pictures of the old schoolhouse and what's left of Pollok at that lonely little intersection on the corner of Waldo & Burkley roads.


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