Mackinac Island's Fort Mackinac is definitely haunted...through and through.

Where do we start? ANYWHERE. So let's begin alphabetically, with.....

The Fort Mackinac Post Cemetery is near Skull Cave, less than a mile north of the fort. Burials began in the 1820's, with many unknown dead. The graveyard obviously contains the remains of soldiers, as well as their families - children included. In the back left corner of the graveyard, an unfamiliar woman has been seen crying over the graves of children. A long-dead mother who hasn't come to grips with her children's deaths? Some random woman who weeps for the young dead? We may never know. An Indian burial ground was near Skull Cave which may add to any paranormal activity. Also, the sound of horses' hooves coming down the road have been heard...but are they caused by the supernatural, or just the echoes of live horses that emanate from downtown?


It was the fort's first jail, where some of the captives passed away. Proof of paranormal activity? Even on hot, sweltering days, cold spots appear randomly from nowhere. There have been images that have been captured on camera as well.

The cries and wails of sick infants can be heard coming from this area. Children from the Cowles family slowly died, thanks to the lack of medicinal knowledge that was prevalent in the early 1800's. Mrs. Cowles had to helplessly watch as her babies died, one by one. It's said that it is indeed HER apparition that is seen in the post cemetery, as mentioned above.

An immediate feeling of sadness and the smell of death greets visitors when they visit the hospital. People have taken pictures, later discovering images of severed arms and legs. Work of a playful poltergeist?

When the fort shuts down for the night, employees put away the toys that tourist children were playing with during the day. Upon opening the next morning, the toys are mysteriously back on the floor, spread out as if they had been played with.

Tourists who walk down this trail near the fort have experienced strange things. Some claim that an unseen entity steps on the backs of their shoes, causing their shoes to slip off. Others say they've been followed by an odd shadow and the apparition of a man dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform, in full figure. If you wanna check this out for yourself, it's the trail between Fort Mackinac and Fort Holmes.

On early mornings, especially when it's cloudy or foggy, the ethereal music of a fife can be heard playing from out of nowhere. A figure in a soldier uniform has been seen walking along inside the fort wall.

Mackinac Island is chock-full of paranormal activity, and there's a generous, heapin' helpin' of it around the fort. Take a trip to the island soon and visit these locations for yourself. Care to try walking through the island during the dead of night?

I dare you...

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