Lansing is going to be home to a new, exciting brand of baseball called Strikeout Baseball.

Lansing already has a great baseball footprint with the Lugnuts playing downtown, but this is going to be a little different. Strikeout Baseball is a new version of America's Pastime that can be played with as few as four people. It sounds crazy, but Strikeout Baseball is being backed by Lansing native, and Hall-of-Fame pitcher, John Smoltz.

Smoltz isn't the creator of Strikeout Baseball, but he is definitely supporting bringing the new stadium to his old hometown.

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What makes Strikeout Baseball so different from regular baseball?

Strikeout Baseball is not some crazy version of America's Pastime or anything like that, it's just a twist that allows more kids to get into the game.

The trouble with getting kids into baseball is that it can be hard to get 18 kids together in the same place. Sure there are little leagues and travel ball, but you'd be hard-pressed to see 18 kids gather on their own to play a game. Let's also not forget the costs associated with playing travel baseball. I coached travel ball for quite a few years, and it can get expensive. 

According to the Strikeout Baseball site, the biggest difference in playing the game is that you can play with a minimum of 2 people on each team. John Smoltz talked about the basics in the video above.

Imagine a mini version of an infield, there's no outfield, there's a wall. You can have a third-baseman, shortstop, second-base, first-base, pitcher, that's it. That's the max, you can only have five max. But you can literally play games with just a pitcher and a batter, or the left side of the infield, or just the right side of the infield, depending on how you want to play it

The proposed Strikeout Baseball stadium in Lansing is hoping to break down both of those barriers for kids wanting to play. Check out the video of what the field would look like below.

I take my family to Lugnuts games every summer, and I'm definitely going to add a stop to the new stadium for a few of our trips. The new stadium isn't far away from where they play and would make a perfect pre-game activity for any group.

There are rumors that a similar stadium could be coming to the Flint area soon. We'll keep you updated as we find out more information.

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