One of the coolest things I’ve done in my career was being the on-field emcee for the Lansing Lugnuts. How could you not love getting paid to watch baseball at field level and entertain fans on the field in between innings with some of the ol classics like “Go Nuts For Donuts” or the “Dizzy ‘I hope you don’t puke’ Bat Race.” True story, fans puked sometimes on the field during their duels. Sometimes they may have sprained an ankle or broken a bone in the spirit of competition. These situations were few and far between, thankfully!

I still love going to Lugnuts games, and here are some reasons why you might like it too:

Lugnuts Games are Affordable

Let’s break it down. Going to a movie with a family of four can cost a lot of money. You've got four tickets, popcorn, pop, Milk Duds and whatever else you might enjoy, and that's going to run you approximately $60 or more.

On the flipside, you can go to a Lansing Lugnuts game and spend less or more depending on what ballpark culinary creations you decide to fill your stomach with.

I also view a Lugnuts game as an experience instead of a “game” because of all the other entertainment going on throughout the game!

It's a Family Friendly Outing

Jackson Field has always been a family friendly environment. Even on a Thirsty Thursday (yeah, discounted beer and debauchery) the crowd and staff maintain a family friendly environment. You don’t hear a lot of “HOLD MY BEER!”

When you enter Jackson Field, the ticket takers smile and welcome you to the ballpark. They even go the extra mile to say, “enjoy the game.”

If the kids don’t have any Lugnuts gear or maybe you put on a few extra pounds, you can stop into Nuts 'n Bolts to get some new, affordable Lugnuts gear!

There's No Such Thing as a Bad Seat at Jackson Field

Jackson Field is laid out so you will have an amazing view no matter what seat you are sitting in. The closer to the field and dugout you are, the more you will experience from the on-field standpoint. Sit close enough so you can hear the hitters and the umps jawing at each other about balls and strikes and the dugout chatter. And, if you get there early enough, you might be able to grab some autographs!

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Lugnuts Games Have Plenty of Stuff for Kids to Do

My kids love going to the games, and I'm certain yours will too. The Lugnuts provide so many different things for kids to do! They have a playground, bouncy house, jungle gym and padded floor for safety. Honestly, that padded floor has saved an injury or two on me before...

Also, did you know that Friday AND Saturday nights are LAFCU fireworks nights? Everyone loves fireworks, and the display is amazing every time.

Sunday is fun for the kids too because they get to run the bases after the game with Big Lug! It’s a very cool experience that you and your kids will never forget.

Last But Not Least There's Thirsty Thursday

They have low prices for Miller Lite and all kinds of beer on Thursdays at Jackson Field. Where else can you go to get $2 domestic tap beer, low price micro brews and even cocktails on special? Best part about it is it’s right in your back yard! Come hang at the game with your legal drinking aged friends and have a blast. Remember, though, don’t risk your life, anyone else’s life or a DUI by drinking and driving. You can Uber or ride CATA to the game.

Those are just a few of the many reasons you should take the family to a Lansing Lugnuts game. Think I missed something? Send us a message on the app and let me know.

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