I love lists like this. Just the title alone, The Top 17 Ways Michiganders Land In the Emergency Room, draws me in because, having made more than one trip to the ER, I want to see how many I can personally check off (five). One of my many trips as a teenager included getting an X-ray from one of my neighbors. What he didn't know was that I'd broken my arm jumping my bike off of his porch (this was a time before Ring Doorbells). I eventually did tell him--twenty years later--but I did tell him.

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As an adult, I slowly realized that my body didn't come with a warranty, and I did my best to stop intentionally putting myself in harm's way—almost. No matter how careful you are, life has a way of placing you in dangerous situations. We're all one awkward step, ladder rung, or miscommunication away from a trip to the emergency room.

The Top 17 Ways Michiganders Land In the Emergency Room

Unsurprisingly, the most common non-fatal emergency room visits in Michigan are falls. What may surprise you is that ER fall cases are more common for women than men. According to research conducted by the personal injury attorneys at John Foy and Associates, there were 3,175,566 women who visited the ER after a fall, compared to 2,422,822 men.

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That's the only category in which women surpass men for visits to the emergency room, as men top every other reason. There's a reason women live longer, and this study may well prove it.

Top 17 Ways Michiganders End Up In The Emergency Room

So, how many falls do emergency rooms treat in a year, what's the estimated cost nationally, and how much will an ER visit cost? What are the other 16 most common things resulting in a trip to one of Michigan's hospitals?

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Here's a closer look at the top 17 ways Michiganders and Americans unintentionally end up in the ER.

Top 17 Ways Americans End Up In The Emergency Room

The personal injury attorneys at John Foy & Associates, using information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), examined the non-fatal injuries that came into emergency rooms over the course of a year. See the #1 entry in the Top 17 Ways Americans Land In the Emergency Room for full methodology.

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