After spending almost 4 months in pseudo-lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic I feel like we’re all like these this dog when he saw his favorite UPS driver.

On the Facebook page UPS Dogs, a post from yesterday came from Grand Rapids and it shows a brown Labrador Retriever, super excited the UPS man was finally there. The pure excitement is easily visible in the pictures that were posted. I feel like it would be any of us, any time we get to see somebody who’s not in our immediate household.<

I don’t even have much more to say about the picture other than, man, it speaks a thousand words, because the other day when I saw the mailman I got all excited and stood at my front door talking to him, even though he kept moving further and further away, just trying to get to the next house.

Hopefully with any luck just after the Fourth of July the lower half of Michigan will be moving to Phase 5 of the re-opening and then these kinds of scenes won’t hit so close to home. LOL

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