I had no idea until today that there was a Curling Bar in Detroit that opened up back in June. I fell in love with curling a few years back when we did a curling event here in the area.

The people behind Bumper Cars On Ice are behind this epic new Curling Bar in Detroit.  This launched back in June for those that want to gather a team and take to the ice. Why can't this happen in Flint?

While this new bar is open right now, there is a bit of a catch. It will only be open for the rest of September. You see it's part of Hidden Detroit which hosts a variety of really cool and fun events that take place at secret locations throughout Detroit. You never know where the location is until you order tickets.

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They keep the bar cold so dress warm or drink plenty of cocktails including a boozy hot chocolate or mulled wine. They've got lots of neon lights to add to the vibe and of course music blasting as well.

If you want to try and go before the end of the month, it's totally free. You just have to sign up to go.

Here's how to play

There's a number of curling rinks and two teams can play on each lane. Each lane accommodates up to 8 people. You just slide the stones towards targets and score the highest points for the stones resting closest to the center. Nominate two team members as 'sweepers' to help influence where the stones go.

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