The small town of Deford - legally known as an unincorporated community - is in Tuscola County in Michigan's thumb located at E. Deckerville and N. Kingston Streets. It's isolated but not hard to find; it's seven miles south of Cass City and forty-one miles east of Saginaw.

Not much is known about Deford and there have been many inaccuracies about the town. Details that were found on the internet have been deleted after finding that the information was false.

What IS known, however, is that the town began when the Grand Trunk Western Railroad was built through the area in 1883; the track ran north to south on the east side of downtown and its former location is still visible on satellite photos. The train station was named after land owner Elmer Bruce, who also had the central street named after him (Bruce St. and E. Deckerville St. are the same).

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Even so, the town itself was not named after Elmer Bruce; that distinction went to one Mr. Deford, a friend of the man who founded the town in 1884, Arthur Newton (who also had a Michigan town named after him, now-long-gone). The post office sprang up that same year and other businesses followed. Once the rails were torn up, business declined thanks to less visitors.

It's a quaint little town to visit, with a nice handful of old buildings still standing (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Add this to your next Michigan roadtrip for some cool photo ops!


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