Recent beachgoers in Grand Haven have been greeted with a gruesome, creepy sight as dead squirrels float in the water and wash up on shore.

According to MLive, scientists don't really have any "official" explanation as to why this happens and has happened before (more on that later) but they do have a few ideas.

“They seem to be typically associated with this time of year,” said Nick Kalejs, a wildlife biologist at the Muskegon State Game Area. “Some people have speculated that they might happen after a year of abundant acorn production. Whatever triggers it, it’s a movement out of an area, and nothing seems to deter them: large river systems, reservoirs, highways. It’s almost a singular dedication to going wherever they want to go."

MLive reported that this time around, Grand Haven squirrels are wanting to go somewhere that requires crossing the Grand River. Kalejs said that while squirrels CAN swim, it doesn't mean they should...they're not that great at it which means some of those squirrels drown and float all the way to Lake Michigan where they then wash onto shore.
We guess it is just too bad they weren't flying squirrels, huh?
Too soon?
Jokes aside, we mentioned earlier that this has actually happened before and Kalejs told MLive all about it.
Apparently, another "episode" of a slew of dead squirrels happened in 1968 in Grand Haven and Kalejs said there are reports of it all throughout the country dating back to the 1780's.
We guess if you are planning to spend some fun fall days at the beach, you better bring a net or at least be ready for a "burial at sea" of sorts for some poor, unfortunate squirrel souls.
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While there are quite a few squirrels washing up on the beaches of Grand Haven, they are not endangered...yet. Here is a look at a few other Michigan animals that are, though:

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