The third Monday of the year has been coined "Blue Monday" and weather lately definitely has some feeling the reason Seasonal Affective Disorder spells "SAD." Here are a few products to help combat the winter blues!

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    Light Therapy Lamp

    If you're anything like me, just the lack of sunshine can get you down which is what makes these little lamps so nice. Compact enough to put pretty much anywhere, 15 minutes in front of one of these can have you feeling a bit more warm and fuzzy (on the inside, at least)

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    Curl Up & Read

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to curl up under a cozy blanket, why not use it as a chance to read up on how to help yourself out? I am not a huge reader, myself, but self-help books are a great way to reflect inward on what will work best for you without any other outside chatter or influence.

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    Caring For Plants

    Not only are plants good for getting a little bit more green in an otherwise grey and dreary atmosphere but these lil' guys can also be a great psychological tool too.

    Knowing these little plants rely on you for their survival can make you feel like there is a little more purpose to your day. Once you do a simple task like tending to your plants, it can spark motivation for other, bigger projects to help you feel more accomplished this winter.

    Also, succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for so it's not very daunting to take one (or 12 like I would) on!

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    Sure, it sounds corny but sitting down to reflect on the good things that happened that day or the good things that could happen give you something to look forward to.

    A gratitude journal helps you "see the light" in your day that may not physically be there.

  • 5

    Keeping Busy

    It is too easy to look outside and think "oh I'm not going out in that" but the best way to not let S.A.D. get you down is to get up and get out!

    Fill your days with things and people who make you happy. Simple enough, right?

    Get yourself a calendar and feel a sense of accomplishment as you fill it with things you know you will enjoy.

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