Wintertime is in full swing. And sometimes a warm, rich drink is just the thing you need to warm up and feel all kinds of cozy. That brings me to this very important question that needs answering...

Are you Team hot chocolate or team eggnog?

]I know where I stand in this debate. I am team hot chocolate all the way. I feel like hot chocolate is always a delicious option, whereas with eggnog you have to be in a certain mood or have certain preferences. There is something about the taste and the texture of eggnog that I just can't get down with. However, I know people who are thoroughly passionate about it. My mother is one of those people. Many Lansing residents seem to be too.

Eggnog in Lansing

I know that Quality Dairy serves up a mean apple cider come fall time, but it seems like their winter offering of eggnog seems to be pretty popular as well.

Despite seeing how popular eggnog is among Quality Dairy shoppers, I wanted to know how the Lansing area and the surrounding area felt about this debate, so I reached out to you, our listeners. I asked you the ultimate winter beverage question; are you team hot chocolate or team eggnog? You were not shy about telling me what was up.

Ultimately, there was a clear winner...

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Hot chocolate was the clear winner with 93% of the votes. Eggnog only received 7% of the votes.

There were some tasty suggestions along the way. Obviously, add Cool Whip or whipped cream to your beverage or add a peppermint stick to your hot chocolate. Someone even suggested using eggnog to dip your French toast in. It could be worth giving a try.

Make your voice heard! If you think eggnog deserves more love, let us know. Send us a message with the station app.

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