Pumpkin spice gets most of the credit in the fall but truly, there is nothing that beats a good cider!

Sometimes, though, you buy that whole gallon of apple cider only to wish it had a little more "oomf" about halfway through.

The truth is, apple cider is a lot more versatile than we might think!

For example, coffee establishments like an East Lansing-made favorite, Biggby Coffee brings us their take on the fall favorite every year that you can treat yourself to any way you like between "hot, iced or frozen."

Now many of us just prefer to have our cider warmed up, some prefer it ice-cold and some of us choose to add a little spice and a little "spike"...I'm trying to be clever here, but I mean booze.

Here are some ways I like to switch up the cider routine and they are easy enough for anyone and some of these are suitable for all ages and can get the kiddos in on the fall fun.

6 Ways To Switch Up Your Cider Game

We know these are just a few of the endless possibilities when it comes to cider and I cannot wait to get out and try all of the local cideries and put my own spin on it!

Also, can we just talk about how some cider mills have been selling these ADORABLE mini gallons of cider? I mean, I guess they technically aren't "gallons" but they have the same shape and it is my favorite way to get my apple cider on...or at least it was when I lived alone. Anyway, I'll stop babbling and just have you LOOK:

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