Whether you love it or hate it, being single on Valentine's Day has a different kind of sting to it and a recent study found Michigan residents are more likely to be dumped between February 1st and 14th.

MLive reported about the study, done by Her Norm, that looked at Google search trends in each state and broke down what time of the year was more common for breakups.

Turns out, we here in Michigan are just a bunch of heartbreakers because the study found only the Great Lakes State and New York were most common for breakups in February (by or before V-Day).

The study garnered a ton of interesting information on how the timing of breakups varies from state to state and you can find it all here!

Each state falls into seven different categories including: "Clean Slaters" who decide to start off the new year single. There's also the "Heartbreakers" like us here in Michigan, followed by the "String Alongers" who wait until after Valentine's Day but not past the end of the month.

So if you end up one of the many single Michiganders this Valentine's Day, at least you now know there is some science behind it...that's comforting, right?

If not, all that Valentine's candy goes on sale this week and what's better to mend a broken heart than biting into a chocolate one?

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