We've all seen the signs in construction zones regarding fines for speeding, especially when workers are present, but for some those signs seem to be more of a "guideline" than an actual rule.

However, you may want to pay serious attention the next time you're driving through a construction zone in Michigan-- or it could cost you!

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A new bill introduced in the Michigan legislature earlier this year could soon replace state troopers with more traffic cameras, especially in work zones. Unlike other traffic cameras like those used by MDOT, these cameras could be mounted on top of unmarked vans parked in construction zones and would be used as a means of speed enforcement.

Fox2 Detroit reports that the cameras would then capture the license plate information of speeding vehicles as they pass by. The first violation is a warning, a second violation would come with a fine of $150, and the third violation jumps to $300.

What If You Aren't the Driver?

A fair question: what if you let someone borrow your car and they are the ones speeding through a construction zone? In that case the driver would be able to argue their case and sign an affidavit under oath saying they were not driving at the time. Because these cameras will capture the incident, arguing your case should be fairly straightforward.

Big Brother?

While it's true these cameras could save lives, doesn't it feel a little bit like "Big Brother" is watching? I mean, I know he's already watching but this would make it even more so. Per this HB 5750, any driver caught on camera going 10 miles over the posted speed limit would be fined and a ticket would then be mailed to their home.

Do you think these cameras are a good idea or not?

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