We can't get them to fix the doggone roads (especially in Frandor) but we might get robo-traffic cop cameras to bust us for speeding?


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Skynet is coming. And it's going to give you a ticket.

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What's up with us getting terminator traffic cameras? I know they are the bane of existence in lots of major cities but why do we need them here in Lansing?

We don't have THAT much traffic on these sad, bumpy, pothole filled Michigan roads do we?

It's not the traffic people have been complaining about but the speed. Somebody listened and decided to do something about it.

House Bill 5284 was introduced by Rep. Sarah Anthony, a Democrat from Lansing, and was referred to the House Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support. The city has increased public safety efforts over the summer, targeting speeding on high traffic streets. However, according to local and state officials, it continues to be a common complaint among Lansing residents. The new bill would allow some of that work to be done by cameras, lessening the burden on police. (WILX)

While this bill is being introduced, at present speed traffic cameras are no bueno in Michigan.

Automated enforcement cameras may not be used in Michigan. A police officer may issue a civil infraction citation only if the officer observes a violation, investigates a crash, or receives authorization from the prosecutor to a citizen's complaint. (michigan.gov)

It's not a done deal yet but it could be coming. Studies have shown that the camera's mere presence (and ticket enforcement) has significantly curtailed speeding and saved lives.

Our friends to the north use them and the Canadians say that speeding signs don't work. However if you use these cameras and hit folks in the pocketbook, they tend to listen.

There are several different types of speed cameras as well. They all work differently but accomplish the same thing. Getting an image of your license plate and slowing you down.

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