Yes, Chelsea has its share of paranormal rumors…but are they true?

Take the Beach Middle School. What happened there that causes strange activity? Lockers have been known to slam when there is nobody else around, feelings of uneasiness engulf most people who go behind the stage area…..and then there’s the girls’ bathroom.

At night, and other times when the school is empty – except for a maintenance person or a late-working faculty member – the girls’ room toilets begin flushing by themselves. Not only that, but whispering sounds come from behind the bathroom door, in a manner that resembles school girls when they would gossip in the bathroom.

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Moving on, the Chelsea Hospital has a couple of paranormal rumors. Staff members and visitors have claimed to have seen figures sitting next to operating rooms while surgery has been in progress. These weren’t just ordinary figures…they were transparent and could be seen through. If you happen to be in an isolated, dark section of the hospital, you may get the feeling of someone – or something – alongside you…some say they’ve heard footsteps matching theirs as they walk the dark halls.

And then there’s the Pink Palace. This is a legendary haunted location, just a little southwest of Chelsea. It was a house that sat out in the countryside, but now only the foundation is left. The tales about this place include a haunted slave house, the house appearing and disappearing, satanists, rituals, blood-stains, apparitions, glowing red eyes, strange lights and more. Intrigued? Then you can read even more about it by CLICKING HERE.

I'm sure there are more paranormal rumors floating around Chelsea, and I'm ready to hear about 'em...

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