PILLARS 3&4; Courtesy of Google Maps

Mentioned in very few haunted web pages is the 'Pink Palace', a name given an old 1800's Victorian-style house that no longer stands, but the grounds (near Chelsea, Grass Lake and Manchester) are said to still be haunted, overlooked by the original pillars next to the road.

While it was still standing, the rumors flew that Satanists held their meetings & performed rituals in the abandoned house, and thrill-seekers (a/k/a 'trespassers') have claimed to witness spray-painted symbols & pagan terms, an upstairs bathtub & wooden floors with dried blood stains along with the usual 'bumps-in-the-night' sounds and shadowy human-like figures.

In the back was a building referred to as the slave house, which is self-explanatory; also an old slaughterhouse where some ghost-hunters claimed to see intestines (probably rope) hanging from the ceiling.

More than a few witnesses claim that the house will appear and disappear, showing itself as a dark silhouette and vanishes if you get TOO close.

THE "HAUNTED" GROUNDS; Courtesy of Google Maps

Red, glowing eyes have been seen within the small woods where the house once stood. Cameras and other electronic equipment fail - even with charged batteries. Strange lights are seen, physical attacks, all sorts of weird sights and sounds...a place that very well may hold exaggerated urban legends...but then again, most rumors & legends are based on some sort of fact, aren't they?

IF the place is haunted, is it by past owners? Slaves? Victims of satanic rituals? Nobody who has claimed to witness paranormal activity there has said either way.

MANY explorers of this site implore others NOT to go there because the vibes & energy feel so negative & evil, they still can't shake the feeling of dread. Even family members who lived in that house years ago testify that it is an evil place and if you visit, the evil will follow you when you leave.

There are still some foundations and remnants of the old house, barn, slave house and slaughterhouse but there are newer structures there as well. Keep in mind, there are "No Trespassing" signs up and neighbors probably keep a sharp eye on the place.

The site of the demolished Pink Palace still has the original 4 concrete pillars in front but any trace of a driveway has since been grown over. There shouldn't be any harm in driving down the road and getting a few pictures of the pillars that stand alongside the road, guarding the old grounds.

Courtesy of Google Maps

The area is located out in the middle of nothing - south of Chelsea, north of Manchester and east of Grass Lake.