Be aware of vehicle scams that some people claim they are “selling through eBay.”

Over the weekend, we found a vehicle that sounded too good to be true: price-wise, mileage-wise and attractive-wise. The “reason” this person was selling the vehicle so cheap was because of a family member (who owned the vehicle) who supposedly died. The circumstances sounded somewhat askew…not to mention a postscript of “ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE FUNDS AVAILABLE.”

After days of not returning messages, we finally received one. It said the “vehicle was in eBay custody at their shipping company sealed with all the papers in Omaha, Nebraska The shipping is free because I was supposed to ship it to another buyer, then he told me that he doesn't have money anymore to pay for it. The payment will be handled by eBay and they will keep the money on hold until the end of the testing period.”

When asked where on eBay we could find the listing, the answer came back: “Sorry but I removed the listing from eBay since I had some potential buyers for it. Please provide me your full name and address so I can register you as the buyer.”

Now, according to eBay, “the only way to purchase a car on eBay Motors is to start and end your transaction on the eBay Motors website.  If a seller from some other site tells you that the purchase will be handled by eBay or covered by eBay, they are lying to you.”

Here are key things to look for to shop securely and to avoid fraudulent online car offers:

- Transactions that do not start and end on the eBay Motors website.

- Sellers who push for a speedy completion of the transaction and request payments via MoneyPak, Western Union, Moneygram, Reloadit, or bank transfer to an "eBay agent".

- Sellers who are unwilling to meet in person, or are unwilling to allow the buyer to physically inspect the vehicle before the purchase.

- Sellers who insist the vehicle be shipped despite the buyer's offer to pick it up themselves.

- Transactions where the seller is in one location and the vehicle is in another.

- Vehicles advertised at well below their market value. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information, check eBay's car-buying policies for yourself by CLICKING HERE

So take heed and BE CAREFUL if you’re shopping for a vehicle online!